Cyber Security Beyond the Power of Humans.  Douglas Santos, Fortinet Security Strategist

FortiGuard Labs processes over 100 billion security events per day, representing data from the endpoint to the cloud. This gives us a unique and unprecedented view into the threat world. In this presentation you will get an overview of the current threat landscape including: what schemes bad actors employ to evade detection, recent cybercrime trends, and additional cyber threat trends.

You will get an overview of FortiGuard Labs' mature and leading-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) program that provides protection capabilities that feed into products across the Fortinet portfolio. Our AI/ML program continues to expand in breadth and depth and this update will showcase how we stay ahead of the pack.


Security Operations.  Kevin Mahoney, Practice Director - Enhanced Technologies - ATP

Too few qualified staff, too many security tools, underrated threats, and high executive expectations can make managing security operations a daunting task. This interactive session discusses and demonstrates how an integrated approach to advanced threats makes Gartner's CARTA model a reality. Learn how business critical services, security events, and workflows can be automated with the tools and vendors in your enterprise today, as well as how established and emerging tools like security information and event management (SIEM), sandboxing, user entity and behavior analytics (UEBA), and deception can assist an overworked CISO and security operations unit.